Excellence In Early Education

At Deerwood Academy’s St. Johns and Town Center schools, we treasure each child as a unique, special individual. That is why we have tailored the preschool program to provide experiences every day to nurture a lifelong love of learning. In fact, our preschool students achieve exceptional learning readiness as measured by the Florida Department of Education.

As the place Where Learning Comes First, we have specially tailored programs to help each age group learn and grow with loving programs designed for their needs. This begins with the very youngest children and continues through voluntary pre-kindergarten (VPK).

Infants & Toddlers

At this stage, children are interested in exploring the world around them, so our classrooms and outdoor areas provide sensory stimulation in a comforting, safe, and clean environment. Your baby or toddler will immediately feel at ease in our playful atmosphere that is enhanced by colors, mobiles, music, and tactile toys.

Our teachers use the award-winning Innovations curriculum to enhance daily experiences and promote early learning with lessons on shapes, colors, baby signs, rhymes, and songs.


Two-year-olds are moving from the total dependence of babyhood to the greater independence and mobility of preschoolers. Our Twos Program guides each child through the transition from the sensory-motor world of toddlers to an increasingly social world and the onset of symbolic thinking.

Self-directed play, dramatic play in small groups, circle-time, music and dance, art projects, and the beginning of our phonics program are integrated to help children develop during this incredibly curious life stage. Our curriculum also emphasizes honorable values – which are demonstrated in the classroom – and teaching early self-help skills, including potty training.


Three-year-olds are active learners who carefully observe everything that happens around them. They enjoy being challenged to learn new things and are very proud of their accomplishments. Our classrooms are bright and colorful, encouraging children to be creative and enjoy a variety of fun and engaging activities. The children also go outside twice a day to our outdoor play environment.

At this age it is important to prepare the children with the skills they will need in school, including reading, math, and science. Using proven techniques, we help children to recognize letters and numbers and begin writing them. They also begin learning how to use computers with educational software, which helps prepare them to use technology throughout their academic careers. At the core of the curriculum lies well-planned learning centers that allow for child choice and self-directed play, small groups, and supportive teaching designed to ensure future academic success.


Our voluntary pre-kindergarten (VPK) program prepares students for success in elementary school and in life. Studies have consistently shown the tremendous value of pre-kindergarten education, and our curriculum makes the most of this vital developmental time in a child’s life. Plus, our VPK program is free for eligible families, with high-quality wrap-around care also available for an additional charge.


For more information about our exceptional pre-kindergarten program – and how to register for free Florida VPK – please visit our VPK page.

It’s a great facility and the kids are well cared for.
They will set your child up for success.
Edward K.